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Winter 2021-2022 Registration 

Soccer players can be registered in one of two ways:

Website - Register and Pay Online - After completing the registration information you will make a $104 payment. You can make this payment with a debit or credit card. The additional $4 helps us offset the fees for processing payment online. You will then need to email or mail a copy of the player's birth certificate (only required once per winter).

Mail - Complete this fillable PDF. SAVE the document to your computer in order to fill out the form. Once completed, please print and mail, following the instructions on the form.


Deadline for Session 1 registration is Friday October, 30 2021. A $100 refund will be granted if requested on or the registration deadline. No refunds will be granted after the registration deadline.

Andro United Soccer Programs

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  • The Session Schedule

    The complete schedule for Session 1 will be emailed to participants on Tuesday, November2, 2021. The schedule is dependent on the number of registrations for each division. Each week is made of 1-hour blocks on Saturdays and generally consist of:

    Age Division 1: Between 9:00am and 11:00am

    Age Division 2: Between 10:00am and 12:00pm

    Age Division 3: Between 12:00pm and 2:00pm

    Please consider your availability for the corresponding range of times if you have other Saturday activities/commitments. We are unable to guarantee any player a specific time each week.

  • Choose Your Session

  • You must register each participant, for each session separately.

  • (Typically only used with the older players in Division 3)